Friday, February 22, 2013

Avoid Acne With These Tips.

Things That often experienced by young men or women are acne, this happens Hormonal changes that occur in the body drastically make it easier adolescents experiencing mental crisis and emotional changes. Hormonal changes also one of them makes almost all teenagers experience acne. But there are some easy ways for teens was spotty.

From the survey shows 1 of 5 adolescents having severe acne problem. Severe acne make teenagers feel inferior and psychologically by leather specialist Jerry Tan MD from the University of Western Ontario Canada, can destroy the confidence that is trying to build.

Here are some healthy ways rather spotty teenager is not easy, as reported by LIVESTRONG on Friday (06/10/2011):

1. Avoid milk
Though not all, but most animals injected with hormones. This will make the food derived from animals such as poultry or cattle can cause acne because the body produces more testosterone, which then causes acne.

2. Avoid sugary foods
Other studies have found that eating sugary or carbohydrate foods such as cakes, chocolate or chips can cause acne because it increases the body's glycemic load.

Avoid foods high in sugar such as candy, cereal, white bread and greasy or fatty foods like french fries, mayonnaise can help prevent acne problems.

3. Expand eat fruits and vegetables
The main meals are recommended to prevent acne is fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and lean meats to help hormonal imbalances so as to control and prevent acne.

Soybean and product know also recommended to replace meat and dairy products can trigger acne.

According to the Australian Women's Weekly, a healthy diet that can not easily be spotty 30 percent fat, 25 percent protein and 45 percent carbohydrates. Dietary supplements such as flaxseed oil or vitamin A, zinc and green tea have also been said to help improve the condition of acne.

4. Police
Maintain cleanliness and hygiene are as important as a healthy diet to prevent acne. Wash your face with mild soap and oil-free cleaning products.

Be sure to wash your face more than twice a day if you work outdoors or sweat more. Do not use a washcloth carelessly on the face because it may be not clean and contain certain elements that are not good for the skin.